Strategic planning helps clarify an organization's purpose, focus and direction. It includes goals and objectives to achieve your mission. With a properly developed and utilized strategic plan, board members, staff, clients and donors are inspired and feel they are part of something greater than themselves.

Through a series of exercises in a facilitated process, Mary will help you create your vision, align your mission and develop a strategic plan that will give your organization a shared goal and focused direction for the next five years. Key elements of the process include:

Vision Statements tell where your organization will be in the next three to five years and why the community will be better because of it. They cover the impact of your work and give inspiration to leaders, staff and volunteers.

Mission Statements clarify the purpose of an organization and tell what you are today. They are easy to remember and share just enough information to entice a person to want to know more.

Strategic plans transform your organization's wish list into a priority list. They include a series of goals that will guide the organization in realizing its vision and fulfilling its mission. The plan outlines an organization's values and priorities, assesses the current situation, and establishes actions, responsibilities and timelines.