As the organization grows, group dynamics become more complex. Often an objective, outside facilitator can help the group look at the big picture and find the best ways to work together in support of the organization's mission.

In his book, "The Skilled Facilitator," Roger Schwarz describes the need for skilled facilitation as follows:

"Increasingly, we turn to groups to bring together differing views, produce quality products and services, and coordinate complex work. In doing so, we expect groups to work effectively so that the product of their efforts is greater than the sum of the parts…[Facilitation] is about helping groups improve their effectiveness."

As a trained meeting facilitator and experienced non-profit consultant, Mary helps:

Plan and conduct board and staff retreats.

Set interdepartmental goals.

Take a holistic look at the organization's next steps.
Her goal is to help your organization identify its strengths and ways to build on what's already working. Mary believes in lively, fruitful and fun conversations in a structured environment to build enthusiasm, further understanding of one another's roles and renew commitment to achieving your mission.