Board leadership and development are integral to creating an environment that is conducive to a non-profit's organizational effectiveness. Board membership is unlike other volunteer roles—members must be strategic in their thinking and active in the community in support of the organization. Mary Gleason has worked with and served on many non-profit boards, in areas including policy-setting, advocacy, community representation and fundraising. She provides guidance to boards based on personal experience and understanding, and conveys this with humor and professionalism.

All boards carry certain roles and responsibilities and yet each functions uniquely depending on the organization's needs, size and mission. Mary can help you find that balance and direction for optimal performance by:

Clarifying board roles and responsibilities

Facilitating and leading board workshops

Guiding the strategic planning process

Helping ensure that board development is in sync with the organization's vision

Mary also offers guidance in developing a board nominating process to attract passionate, skilled members who can provide direction in fulfilling your mission. She'll help you determine who you most want to serve on your board and how to cultivate them.